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Remote Grout Injections

ASI develops an effective repair method to seal a leaky joint. 

Ocean Deep successfully developed a patented Underwater Self-sealing Grout after research indicated there were no off-the-shelf grouting or mechanical technologies available to seal a leaky joint in a deep ocean outfall. The patented Underwater Self-sealing can be readily pumped through 305 m/1000 ft.  of  2 cm/0.75 in. diameter hose without plugging, unlike “standard” commercial mixes with chemical additives.  

Ocean Deep's team developed the patented grout as a solution to seal several leaks of an outfall as part of an annual inspection project in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The repair required remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployment for reasons of safety, cost efficiency, water depth and extreme distance from the nearest manhole. Deep water section of the outfall (115 m/376 ft. deep) in The Ponce Deep Ocean Outfall had leaks that were inaccessible from the outside as they were covered in grout mattresses.  

Remote Grout Injections - Ocean Deep Group

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Ocean Deep completed bench, pilot and full-scale system tests prior to successfully completing the repair of the leaking outfall pipe. In-house development and testing of novel grout mixtures was accompanied by the design, fabrication and testing of an adapted removable grout form that was fitted around an ROV to set up, deliver and monitor the application of the new grouting material.  

Canadian Patent No. 2,553,124 

United States Patent No. 7,544,241 B2 


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