Ocean Deep Group


Commercial Diving & Robotic Solutions for the Nuclear Industry

Nuclear environments are among the world’s most high-risk and hazardous spaces for inspection and intervention tasks that demand high-reliability and a strong emphasis on health and safety practices.

Ocean Deep Group offers a range of underwater services that cater to the unique challenges of nuclear facilities. We are qualified and experienced to work in irradiated underwater environments and operate under strict Quality Control/Assurance guidelines. In fact, Ocean Deep Group is the first Canadian company to dive in irradiated environments for maintenance related activities. Our highly experienced team of commercial divers, ROV pilots, hydrographers, engineers, and technicians’ complete underwater inspections, maintenance, and repair projects safely and efficiently. 


Ocean Deep contributes to the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants by providing the services necessary for their continued operation and maintenance. Our Remotely Operated Vehicles can inspect long tunnels in a short amount of time due to our long-distance capabilities. 

Ocean Deep specialises in underwater irradiated environment diving for inspection, maintenance, and repair in areas including:

  • Primary and Secondary Spent Fuel Bays,
  • Fuel Transfer Bays,
  • Fuel Handling Systems,
  • Vacuum Building, Emergency Water Storage Tanks, and
  • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) for all of the above. 

Maintaining Water Conveyance Systems, Reservoirs and Cooling Towers

Nuclear facilities rely on water. Whether it’s for plant usage, emergency water towers, or reservoirs, water is critical to nuclear energy. To keep things running properly, inspections of the cooling system’s intakes and outfalls (as an example) are required to offset any structural damage produced by wear and tear over time.

Ocean Deep has safe ways to ensure these systems are in good working order through various maintenance services. Ocean Deep uses remote unmanned systems to provide a safe solution in confined space areas, difficult to access


Customized Solutions

In 2010, Ocean Deep was approached by a large nuclear facility to identify and remove sediment accumulation within an active concrete intake duct. At the time of this project, the Ocean Deep Group’s team identified that there would be several complications involved that included; a lack of suitably size inspection vehicles and the ability to operate the vehicle without shut down of the facility. Ocean Deep Group was tasked with providing a cost-effective solution to the fore mentioned problems.

Ocean Deep developed the ROSEbud™ which provides a solution for remote removal of sediment in underwater confined spaces under operational conditions, eliminating human risk and costs associated with shutdown and dewatering.

Understanding our clients’ needs and future scope of work required, our team added the remote excavation service – a natural progression of the remote inspection technology and ability for ROSEbud™ to remove sediment while providing detailed inspection capabilities.



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