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Marine Construction

At ASI, we are passionate about what we do

Our team of highly experienced and trained commercial divers take great pride in providing the required underwater and marine support needed to build the underwater structures of tomorrow.

Marine Construction - Ocean Deep GroupOur commercial diving division is one of the largest inland commercial diving teams in Canada.  Ocean Deep's divers have worked closely together for an average span of 10+ years. Having great working relationships and an intimate knowledge and understanding of your teammates allows for a cohesive and professional quality of work. Our divers perform their tasks with 100% confidence knowing their fellow team members are watching out for their safety. This allows our diving teams the ability to develop structured and safe operational working plans focused on project goals to achieve project completion in the safest and most time efficient manner, in support of marine construction.

Ocean Deep has been planning and managing successful commercial diving operations in support of marine construction for over 30 years. Ocean Deep Group is extremely proud of its risk-averse culture. Safety is at the forefront of all we do. As part of Ocean Deep's Health & Safety procedure, Ocean Deep identifies all and every potential risk, through mitigation and risk management we eliminate each risk and adhere to the highest safety standards and best practices. Prior to the commencement of any field and diving operation, Ocean Deep conducts an extensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA). As a result of our thorough planning and procedure implementation, Ocean Deep has had minimal injuries and zero fatalities. 

Marine Construction Services

Ocean Deep provides a number of key services to support the marine construction industry. These services include but are not limited to: 

  • Underwater welding and cutting (structural welding – Lloyds Class certified)
  • Grout injection and tremie concrete placement
  • Underwater form work
  • Bulkhead and cofferdam installation and sealing
  • Dewatering
  • Salvage and debris removal
  • Pre-construction inspection and as-built inspections
  • Pipeline cleaning and remediation
  • Chlorine injection line installation (and removal of old systems)
  • Installation of new or refurbished travelling screens
  • Wood and steel pile repair
  • Valve installations
  • Support installation of new water intakes and outfalls
  • Above water installation of wharf and dock fenders
  • Support shoreline refurbishment and protection

Pretty much any construction task that is conducted above water, can also be performed below water with Ocean Deep's specialty underwater tooling. For example, drilling and anchoring, welding and cutting, concrete coring, concrete cutting, grinding and pressure washing to name a few.   As an additional benefit, our commercial divers have the support of our purpose-built vessels, from 25-foot trailer-able vessels to our 70-foot tug the Ocean Deep Clipper. Our divers also collaborate with, our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection group and hydrographic surveying teams. There is no job too challenging for our commercial diving and management team.

Dam Construction Work and Repair

Supporting dam construction work and repair, Ocean Deep's team has extensive knowledge and experience working on various dam structures. Our commercial divers can perform and support the most complex projects:

  • Concrete repairs, upstream and downstream, spillways, piers and tailraces areas
  • Cofferdam installation and de-watering
  • Valve installation and repairs
  • Trash rack installation and repairs
  • Stop log installation and repairs
  • Debris removal and dredging
  • Temporary dam, install stop logs to stop flow of water
  • Remote pre-construction/repair inspection and 3D modeling
  • Post construction/repair as-built inspections
Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Ocean Deep has worked closely with many municipalities and engineering consultants to provide construction and maintenance services for water and wastewater treatment plants. Our services help municipalities to ensure their systems are well built and are in good working order to avoid any disruption to service. These services include:

  • Installation of chlorine treatment systems and lines
  • Vale installation maintenance for discharge pipes, raw water intakes and clear wells
  • Travelling screen installation, repair and maintenance
  • Pump installation, repair and maintenance
  • Water intake structure (new installation) and existing repair and maintenance
  • Outfall structure diffuser installation, repair and maintenance
Underwater welding

Ocean Deep Group is uniquely qualified to provide underwater welding services, responding to a wide range of client and project requirements for marine construction. Ocean Deep's divers are Lloyds Register certified structural welders using  the latest technology in underwater welding electrodes to meet project needs.

At Ocean Deep's head office facility, we operate and train our diving personnel in accordance with our certified welding program in our facility’s weld test tank. This ensures weld procedure adherence and quality is maintained. Certification of personnel and equipment can be planned and performed for any project need. Ocean Deep's welding procedure is a Lloyds Register Class B Underwater Welding Procedure developed for AWS D3.6:2017 Underwater Welding Code.

Ocean Deep's team of highly trained commercial divers are capable of:

  • Underwater shell plating repairs on shipping
  • Underwater bulkhead installation
  • Steel sheet pile repairs
  • Traveling water screen repair (factory trained by Evoqua)
  • Trash rack and gate repairs
  • Underwater pipeline remediation
  • Ladder installations


Services include:



Is diving safe?
  • Yes, Ocean Deep management is actively involved in shaping the safety culture across the country. We are voting members for the CSA Occupational Safety Code for Diving Operations and CSA Diving Competency Standards and the IHSA Commercial Diving Committee.
Are your Divers certified?
  • All of our divers have attended an accredited commercial diving institute and are certified by the Diving Certification Board of Canada (DCBC). Our underwater welders hold current tickets certified by Lloyd’s Registrar for underwater ship repairs.
When can you dive (seasons)?
  • Our divers operate all year. The divers utilize various insulations depending on the water temperatures to stay comfortable.
How deep can you dive?
  • An unrestricted surfaced supplied diving certification allows air diving up to 165-feet of water. Typically, in the great lakes, the majority of work is in 60-feet or less.

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