Ocean Deep Group


Ocean Deep understands that keeping assets in good working condition is of the utmost importance to avoid service disruption.

Whether it’s the processing of food and beverage, pulp and paper manufacturing, or steel manufacturing and other fabricated metals, our team has the expertise, experience, and resources to aid in underwater infrastructure inspection, repair (including underwater welding), underwater mapping, and internal pipeline inspections.

We are also proud to be the industry leader in zebra mussel monitoring and control to ensure water intake systems are clear of biofouling blockage.

Underwater Inspection, Maintenance, Rehabilitation Services

Ocean Deep Diver, Kris, entering the water - Ocean Deep Group

From a full range of commercial diving, Remotely Operated Vehicle services (ROV) to surveying services, Ocean Deep provides innovative underwater solutions on a global scale. We deliver cost and value savings throughout our work to maintain underwater assets.

With the most advanced and reliable services available in-house, Ocean Deep's underwater services delivers unrivalled services with a robust team of engineers, project managers, divers, certified surveyors, and subject matter experts on staff. Ocean Deep Group has successfully undertaken hundreds of projects for clients worldwide.

Underwater Welding Services

Ocean Deep Group provides underwater welding solutions with the support of state-of-art technologies and equipment designed to assist in completing welding tasks safely and effectively. Currently Ocean Deep holds a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) approved by Lloyd’s Register, developed to the AWS D3.6M: 2017 standard Ocean Deep's underwater welding crews are trained and tested at our facility and each issued a Welder Performance Qualification Record (WPQ) that is maintained to ensure quality and performance in the field.


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