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Manned Inspections

Manned inspections provide a hands-on approach. 

ASI’s commercial dive teams conduct detailed inspectionto assist in determining the structural integrity of your asset 

ASI’s commercial dive team is backed by a full team of underwater solution experts and specialized equipment to produce professional and accurate inspection reports. 

Tactile inspections are supported with adequate equipment including lighting and HD cameras to capture the most comprehensive video and imagesGround truthing techniques aid in determining if maintenance or repairs are required. 

These operations are supported by in-house personnel including engineers, technicians and equipment including remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and vessels.  

Manned Inspections - Ocean Deep Group

Ocean Deep reports are written by a team of experienced Project Managers who are experienced in producing detailed documentation outlining inspection methods and data to assist clients in condition assessment and asset management decisions. 

Ocean Deep's commercial dive team maintains a strict adherence to Health and Safety protocols and is proud to maintain a record of zero serious injuries. 

Ocean Deep Group is registered to ISO 45001:2018, International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) standards, and various class Service Suppliers.  


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