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Tunneling Support

Our Commercial Dive team leverages their experience working in pressurized environments to provide hyperbaric intervention support for tunnel construction projects.

Ocean Deep has successfully planned, supervised and performed over 500 hyperbaric interventions

A successful hyperbaric intervention requires a set of specialized skills, including mechanical qualifications necessitated to repair and inspect the front of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). The pressurized environment required when boring in soft ground complicates the ability for workers to conduct tooling changes. Certified commercial divers provide the solution to this challenge as they are already qualified and experienced to work under pressurized or hyperbaric conditions. Understanding what is involved with planning a Hyperbaric Intervention and what skill set and experience is required, will afford you with the reassurance that your project will be completed successfully. Hyperbaric Interventions need to be carefully planned, along with operational challenges and risks identified and mitigated. We can help.

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Hyperbaric Support Services include:

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