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Hydropower Facilities and Dam Safety

Several industries, particularly hydroelectric power, are battling with ageing infrastructure. The significance of frequent inspection is becoming increasingly important to remain on top of the typical wear and tear of day-to-day operations.

Ocean Deep recognizes the importance of uninterrupted power generation and dam safety.

Our remote inspections division allows power facilities to inspect their underwater assets without the need to dewater or shut down. Whether we are inspecting the dam, gates, penstocks, intakes, or outfalls or providing underwater mapping, Ocean Deep delivers high-quality and accurate data for condition assessment and a baseline for future inspections. We also provide biomonitoring surveys to effectively monitor and assess the presence, density, and activity of aquatic life and organisms.

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Ocean Deep Hydroelectric ROV Inspection Advantages

Ocean Deep inspections present consumers with a cost-effective and useful technique of determining whether or not maintenance is required. If maintenance is required, Ocean Deep's ROV inspections can help establish what type of work is required and where it is required. Our technologies and procedures ensure consistent quality output while potentially lowering inspection and maintenance expenses. Ocean Deep's Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) offer simple, safe, and successful underwater inspection by delivering comprehensive and accurate data of your assets for condition assessment.

Ocean Deep's ROV inspection is a more accurate and dependable technique than traditional means. Plant operators may acquire a reliable view of the status of their infrastructure by collecting high-quality, real-time imagery of submerged infrastructure. Plants may save money by avoiding unnecessary upkeep and focus on what is essential. Ocean Deep's ROV inspections on a regular basis allow operators to spot small flaws before they become significant disasters. Companies can budget economically and effectively with frequent ROV inspections while maintaining smooth operations.

Ocean Deep's ability to conduct underwater inspections on demand helps maximise productivity by allowing operators to swiftly resolve minor flaws and concerns. Having an ROV on-site will enable operators to get their eyes underwater quickly in a huge or little emergency.

One of the key advantages of employing Ocean Deep's ROVs for hydroelectric plant inspections is that the facility does not have to be shut down or there is limited down-time. The difficulty of balancing the cost/benefit of shutting down hydroelectric plants to undertake critical inspections and repairs is a common concern encountered by hydroelectric plants. Plants can only make a profit if they are up and running. Plant operators benefit greatly from the Ocean Deep's ability to perform inspections while operating operations at the same time.

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