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Hydrographic Surveys & Biomonitoring Solutions

From inspection, repair, and installation, to hydrographic surveys and biomonitoring, Ocean Deep Group offers a full range of services to the construction industry.

Ocean Deep Group is mostly known for underwater inspections; however, we offer support in many other ways on construction projects. Ocean Deep Group provides bathymetric surveys for pre and post-dredge projects maintenance and repair services through our commercial dive team and can accurately carry out underwater installations with the support of our Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) division. 

Ocean Deep Group also provides biomonitoring surveys to meet the environmental requirements for marine construction projects to ensure the protection of marine species.

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Ocean Deep Group’s Bathymetric Survey Solutions

The bathymetric survey by Ocean Deep Group has played an important role in constructing several bridge and marine projects across Canada. One of the first steps in determining if a project in or near water is conceptually and physically viable is to conduct hydrographic studies. These surveys can be typically utilised for underwater contour mapping and engineering volume calculations, as well as scouring and stabilisation, flood inundation,  waterfront facility inspections, water-quality investigations, dam removals,  habitat mapping, debris and hazard mapping, and environmental spills, in addition to big offshore or nearshore construction projects.

About Bathymetric Survey

A bathymetric survey, also known as a fathometric survey, is a type of hydrographic (water-based) survey that depicts the ground underneath by mapping the depths and shapes of underwater topography.

Bathymetric surveyors look for precise elevations, anomalies, and the existence of any scour around buried objects, amongst other factors, in order to provide an exact representational depiction of the bottom. They also examine and identify the surrounding shorelines, waves, tides, and currents in order to construct a more accurate picture of the area’s overall properties.

Shallow Water Bathymetric Survey  

Many projects that need bathymetric surveys, such as shoreline stabilisation, engineering design, or infrastructure restoration, require bathymetric surveys in very shallow seas that are inaccessible to conventional vessels.

Because of accessibility, space, fast-moving currents, submerged debris, navigational dangers, and environmentally sensitive habitats, conducting these surveys in shallow water can be exceedingly challenging. To offset these impacts, Ocean Deep Group surveyors employ cutting-edge instruments like remote-control Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) technology. This state-of-the-art technology provides precise bathymetric measurements in shallow water safely and effectively.

Deep Water Survey Bathymetric Survey 

Multi-beam survey technology onboard a bespoke vessel is often used for undertaking bathymetric surveys in deep bodies of water (such as seas, the great lakes and oceans) for maritime construction projects like dredging or offshore energy. A multi-beam echo sounder is mounted on a boat and measures the distance to the bottom by propagating sound waves in a fan shape or swath of thin neighbouring beams that bounce off the seabed and return. The data is captured by the multi-beam system when the beams reflect off the waterbody bottom and returns. The data can be analysed in real-time on the vessel throughout the survey and will typically be post processed after the survey to be able to produce the client’s desired deliverable.

Ocean Deep Group’s survey team are at the forefront of the industry, quick to mobilise and uncompromising in our ability to offer full-service solutions that offer reliable data.

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