Ocean Deep Group

About Us

Ocean Deep Group Ltd. (Ocean Deep Group) has been an industry leader in underwater inspection, maintenance and repair, and biofouling (mussel) monitoring and control services since 1987. Originally founded as Aquatic Sciences Inc. by a team of technical professionals, Ocean Deep Group has now grown to be much more. Our scope and depth of work has continually increased over the years, while our core business of marine inspections and mussel services remains consistent. Our strongest asset has been the ability to offer a full-service approach – from initial problem identification to the development and implementation of the appropriate solution. 

Our Purpose:

Ocean Deep Group is passionate about developing and delivering innovative solutions for our clients. Our purpose is to use our expertise in all areas of underwater surveys and inspections, maintenance, tunneling and mussel monitoring and control to create peace-of-mind for our clients. Ocean Deep Group’s success is a result of long-term and symbiotic relationships with valued clients while innovatively managing their non-core business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative inspection, repair and maintenance solutions for the world’s infrastructure. We aim to raise industry standards by identifying current market needs, exploring new areas of opportunity, and embracing innovation while staying true to our core values. 

Our Values

  • Company Culture, which is rooted in safe practices, continued education and integrity

  • Client Relationships, nurtured through consistent service, communication, and respect

  • Our People, their diverse skillsets, and their passion for innovation and excellence

Our History: Over 30 Years of Firsts


Aquatic Sciences was created.


Developed and patented the first North American water treatment program for the control of zebra mussels.


Development of Ocean Deep Group’s first ROV for internal pipeline inspections.


Ocean Deep Group first uses a remotely operated vehicle for long tunnel inspections, the Ocean Deep Group Mantaro with 10 km umbilical.


First use of potash as a zebra mussel control agent in fire protection systems.


Deployment of first totally autonomous vehicle for inspection of 71 km tunnel.


First open-water zebra mussel eradication using potash.


First manned dive in an irradiated environment in a Candu Nuclear facility.


Development and operation of ROSEbud remote cleaning vehicle for Bruce Power.


Developed first multibeam sonar array ROV tunnel inspection system allowing for full 3D modeling of flooded tunnels.


Provided hyperbaric intervention planning, consulting and personnel/equipment support for the Spadina Subway extension project in Toronto, Canada.


Developed first dredge spoils treatment system for discharge into surface waters


Demonstration of underwater inspection technologies for dam assessment for BC Hydro. This project lead to an ongoing inspection programs and bio-monitoring program for sturgeons.


Record setting deepest ROV tunnel dive at 576m and 9.7 km penetration in Peru.


Inspection of critical potable water supply tunnel and application of  proprietary disinfection and cleaning protocol.


Inspection of 20 km long tunnel with tethered system, establishing new world record for longest penetration by a powered ROV (12.3 km)


Autonomous survey of operational canal in high flows (2 m/sec) and GPS denied areas, 12.5 km long, 4.5 hour mission duration. Acquisition of LiDAR, multibeam sonar, 100% imagery of above water canal walls.


Inspection in support of FERC licensing for major power utility; twin conduits, dual ROV operations acquiring high resolution 3D data for subsequent analysis and modeling, gate monitoring during closure operations (gates had not been fully closed for over 20 years).


Completion of 5.7 km tunnel inspection in California using Falcon ROV on 10 km tether. Proprietary disinfection and cleaning protocols completed for potable water.

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